iPad3 – News, Rumors and Updates

The iPad3 has been all the rave now that the iPad2 has been released. People cannot stop talking about the iPad3, when it will be released, the specs, etc. All of the speculation out there about the iPad3 really seems to have started when an Apple employee told a reporter that the iPad2 is just a slight upgrade and the iPad3 will be a huge upgrade from the original first generation iPad. It is quite surprising that an Apple employee would say something like that prior to the launch of the second generation iPad.

Some people have been saying that the iPad3 will basically be an iPad mini, other have been saying that it will be a more powerful and lighter version of the iPad with usb ports.  One thing that we know for sure about the iPad3 is that everything about it from the specs to the design has to be special considering there has been so much hype about it even before the launch of the iPad2. Apple has their work cut out for them in building and designing the iPad3 but I think they will create a product that will live up to all of the expectations. The iPad 3 release date is only a guess right now, but we are thinking that it will be in November 2011.


iPad3We will definitely keep our eyes peeled for any real iPad3 information and we will update you with some prospective iPad3 designs such as the one featured here and the rumored iPad 3 specs.


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